The Five Balls of Leadership

Key areas to master in order to be a good leader.

It has been many years since we have read any books, listened to any podcasts, or attended any classes or seminars on leadership. Most of what we have learned about leadership has come from following the example of Jesus and studying His Word. We have gained experience as leaders in several different capacities, primarily as parents leading our 14 children. Glenn has been a team leader and project manager and Cristin has been on various volunteer leadership teams. 

We understand leadership is complicated and includes far more than what we focus on here. We have chosen to focus on these 5 balls because we believe they are foundational and key in every area of leadership. We have found that keeping these balls juggled creates a solid foundation upon which to build other necessary skills.


Showing the desire to serve those you lead

In our observation, the best leaders are servants first. They will humble themselves and serve the ones they are leading, in whatever way is needed. We feel that the best example of this is Jesus Himself.

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