The Five Balls of What We Do

We do our ever-increasing best to help companies and organizations be at their ever-increasing best.

We have chosen these 5 areas to work in because we believe they are all crucial to the overall health and success of any company/organization regardless of the field they are a part of. A particular company/organization may be healthy in one or more of these balls and not so healthy in others. Our overall goal is to identify which of the following balls need the most improvement and begin there, continuing to work with said company/organization until they are healthy in all five balls. To do so, we work with the main decision maker(s) on any or all of the following balls:

Work Place Environment

helping you care for your employees

In this area, our goal is to help you create the best workplace environment that can be achieved for your employees. 

We have experienced and observed that employees have both priorities outside of work and needs within it that are often overlooked or intentionally ignored. This results in unhealthy, discontent, and less productive employees. Our intention is to help you recognize and respect these outside priorities and appropriately meet the needs that are present within the workplace. This is achieved through creating a workplace environment within which your employees can be healthy, content, and highly productive. 

For more on this please see our Five Balls of Employment.

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