The Five Balls of Employment

Whether you are just starting out, or you are going strong and have a thousand people working for you, the principle remains the same. Discontent and unhealthy employees produce an inferior product, give poor service, and present a negative image that will cost your business. On the other hand, content and healthy employees will produce a quality product, give great service, and present a positive image which will prosper your business. Therefore, for your business to be at its best and most prosperous, create an environment where the people working within it, including yourself, can be content and healthy. We believe the way to create this environment is for you to truly care for your employees. We recognize that every workplace environment is unique, and therefore the specifics of caring for the employees within your environment will also be unique. With that said, we have identified five general principles that can be applied across the board.


To consider of value and regard highly

To respect someone is to consider them of value. When people are respected they will not be seen or treated as a tool to get the job done or a slave that can be replaced at the drop of a hat. Instead, they will be seen as people with worth outside of and fully separate from their ability to do the job they were hired to do. An environment that encourages contented healthy employees will be built upon respect in all its forms.

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