The Five Balls of What We Do

We do our ever-increasing best to help companies and organizations be at their ever-increasing best.

We have chosen these 5 areas to work in because we believe they are all crucial to the overall health and success of any company/organization regardless of the field they are a part of. A particular company/organization may be healthy in one or more of these balls and not so healthy in others. Our overall goal is to identify which of the following balls need the most improvement and begin there, continuing to work with said company/organization until they are healthy in all five balls. To do so, we work with the main decision maker(s) on any or all of the following balls:

Intellectual Property Documentation

helping you know what your people know

In this area, our goal is to help you document what your employees know because tomorrow is not promised. 

Any IP that is only in the heads of your employees is at great risk of being lost and hides the overall value of your company/organization. Your company/organization's IP includes far more than what could be patented and once documented can be counted as an asset.

How best can we serve you?

We look forward to hearing from you and growing to know you and your business/organization.

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